Microgaming is an online casino gaming company with an impressive gaming portfolio of licenced and/or original slots games and other online casino solutions which are all marketed to online casino players around the world. The company first began its internet presence in the mid 90’s and has a long history in online gaming.

What is Microgaming?

What is Microgaming? It is a company which has been around online gaming since 1994. The company owns the rights to many well-known slots games such as Titans of the Sun Theia, Tarzan, and Playboy Online Slots. These games are delivered to the gaming customers of online casinos around the world.

What is Microgaming? The Company Which Licensed Slots Games

The Microgaming company realized somewhat early on that the key to success in online casino gaming would be to collect licensing rights. So, they began working to develop games such as ‘Terminator II’, Battlestar Galactica’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ under a license contract and then lease the game to online casinos.

Microgaming Brings Pop Culture To Slots Games

Microgaming is one of the most successful companies in the online game development sector. They have over 850 casino games and some of their games pay out millions EURO in a year. The games feature nearly every theme and have all the famous bonuses like Wild, Scatter, Free Spins and Winnings Multipliers. But slots are not their only services, and the company has live dealer games and a comprehensive list of services.

Microgaming For All Online Casino Gambling

Microgaming also has a somewhat large live dealer operation which operates on live-stream to online casino players. 20 tables of playboy bunny outfitted dealers service a wide variety of online casinos. Also, their sportsbook has ten years experience and provides a solid betting platform. The company sells their quality services to casinos who are looking to get high-value gaming solutions.