If you are thinking of doing Microgaming, know that you are toying with a very great idea. The fact that Microgaming entered Guinness World Records on 6 October 2015, because of its largest jackpot payouts in online slots machine games confirms the record wins on microgaming and why you should play this game.

Details on Microgaming’s Record Wins

Mega Moolah Slot, one of the games in Microgaming made history on 6 October 2015 when Jon Heywood, a UK player, hit a mega jackpot and thereby making the highest of record wins on Microgaming. With a mere £25 bet, Heywood became an instant millionaire and received his prize money via a single payment.

Determining The Win In Microgaming

Before Heywood could withdraw all his prize money in a single payment and transaction, the win went through an approval process. The approval process involved the evidence being submitted to Microgaming and Betway. The win was also ratified by Guinness World Record and eCOGRA which both confirmed this win as Microgaming record. Microgaming has hitherto shared the Guinness World Record achievement with Heywood and Betway.

It does not mean that any player who wins some prize money or bonuses in Microgaming will have to go through a process similar to Heywood’s. Heywood’s rather protracted process was only occasioned by the fact that it was a world record and thus had to be reliably declared as such. When you win a cash prize, your win will not need to be ratified by eCOGRA and Guinness World Record. Instead, you will be able to receive your cash prize in a single payment.

Why You Should Choose Microgaming

There are many reasons why you should play Microgaming. Microgaming has one of the world’s largest jackpot payouts in online slots machine games. The same value is also real in live and mobile games. Heywood’s record-shattering win in 2015 confirms this. The ability to have a player who has won his cash prize to withdraw the money in a single payment is also a major plus for Microgaming. Heywood’s ability to withdraw his cash prize worth £13,213,838 at once, clearly attests to this.

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